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Fun, Fun, Fun,
but the group learned a lot !



Our best customers are IMD and Harvard Business School.

To help you to reach your objectives, SLTEAM offers a wide range of successful and INNOVATIVE Programs from HALF A DAY to over a WEEK.

These extremely powerful tools are organized for groups from ten up to several hundred people, anywhere in the world.


Since 1993, SLTEAM has organized more than 1000 seminars. More than 30 000 participants have experienced SAFELY our outdoor sessions.


SLTEAM organizes about 40 outdoor programmes, each year, for the International Institute for Management Development IMD (Lausanne). Since 1994, more than 600 have been delivered to IMD.

SLTEAM’s other main clients are HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL, HEWLETT-PACKARD, ROCHE and many other major groups.

Our seminars are available for all and are based mostly on outdoor teamwork exercises.

The situations are designed to challenge participant Teamwork skills in a safe, fun, and unique learning environment. Teams will plan and achieve, or fail to achieve, specific objectives. They will be competing both against the clock and against other groups. 

Outdoor Teamwork Exercises bring spontaneous behaviours, which are incomparable for debriefing and video analysing.

Some feedback comments about our ONE DAY TEAMWORK SESSION…

« It really helped to network with other people. It is a very practical and efficient way to learn about teamwork »
« Fun, Fun, Fun ! but the group Learned a lot »
« This was an absolute pleasure to take part in. Everyone sticking together and we all had tremendous fun. With different nationalities it also showed us the need to respect differences and build on our strengths. Fabulous ! »

General Description

What does SLTEAM do ?

SLTEAM comprises an international faculty who works in close cooperation with leading business organisations to design tailored seminars for the development of leadership and teamwork.

These seminars can be part of other programs or stand alone. 

What is the SLTEAM faculty ?

Drawing on a deep familiarity with the best academic theories and organisational practices, SLTEAM programs are designed and run by a group of experienced professionals from the world's most highly regarded organisations and management institutes. Programs have generally been run in English or, alternatively, bi-lingually in English and another language.

How do the programs work ?

SLTEAM faculty has created a set of interactive modules :

• To reinforce the unity and efficiency of teams of all levels,

• to help participants sharpen their understanding of leadership and teamwork and sharpen their effectiveness as leaders and members of teams.

SLTEAM programs use a combination of interactive seminars sessions, indoor and mostly outdoor exercises in a thoughtful and challenging way to facilitate a lasting improvement in the leadership and teamwork capability of the participant and their organisational sponsors.

When we learn from our experiences, those experiences count. Theory is used when helpful but is subordinated to experiencing.

Outdoor exercises are designed and tested to accomodate a wide range of physical abilities and age groups. SLTEAM adheres to a strict safety code to minimise the possibility of physical stress and discomfort. Proper safety equipment and outdoor clothing are provided, and challenging exercises are observed to avoid risky situations.

Where do the programs take place and how long do they last ?

SLTEAM’s logistic is OUTSTANDING and very FLEXIBLE. It has allowed us to organize Programs throughout the world.

• Leadership programmes :

These seminars have varied from three days to over a week. Participants typically include managers with strong leadership potential.

• Teamwork programmes :

This seminar has varied from half a day to three days. In this seminar, existing "teams" work together as they never have before. At the end of the seminar, participants are well-prepared to function together as members of a leading edge team.